Hit UV Coordinate (LogiX node)

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Hit UV Coordinate
'Hit UV Coordinate' LogiX node
  ICollider HitCollider
  Int HitTriangleIndex
  Float3 HitPoint
  Float2 UV
  Bool IsValidUV

The Hit UV Coordinate node outputs the UV coordinate corresponding to the input HitPoint on the HitTriangleIndex for the input HitCollider mesh collider.


The HitCollider must be a MeshCollider (Component) otherwise only default output values are used.

The UV output provides the calculated UV coordinates, [0;0] by default.

The IsValidUV outputs true if valid HitCollider and HitTriangleIndex values are provided, otherwise false.

This node is primarily to be used in conjuction with Raycast One (LogiX node) or Raycaster (LogiX node).


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