Find Character Controller (LogiX node)

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Find Character Controller
'Find Character Controller' LogiX node
  User Source
  CharacterController Character

The Find Character Controller node attempts to find and output a CharacterController (Component) from either the input user or slot.


This node has two versions which work slightly differently but to the same effect:

  • The User variant of this node outputs the CharacterController associated with the input user's currently selected locomotion module.
  • The Slot variant of this node attempts to output the closest CharacterController component from the input slot or its parent slots.
    • Failing this, it attempts to output the CharacterController associated with its active user's currently selected locomotion module.

If the User in question here is using a Locomotion Module that lacks a CharacterController such as NoClip this node will output null.

The Default output is null.


Node Menu

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