Delete Dynamic Variable`1 (LogiX node)

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Delete Dynamic Variables`1
'Delete Dynamic Variable`1' LogiX node
  Impulse Delete
  Slot Target
  String VariableName
  Impulse OnDeleted
  Impulse OnNotFound

The Delete Dynamic Variable`1 node will attempt to delete DynamicField<T> and DynamicValueVariable<T> components (for value types) or DynamicReference<T> and DynamicReferenceVariable<T> components (for reference types) of the same type as the node with an exactly matching VariableName.


The Target input specifies where in the world hierarchy the node should start searching for dynamic variables bound to a DynamicVariableSpace, by default this is the root slot. The node searches for a DynamicVariableSpace with matching variables starting with the Target slot, if no exact match is found it will then perform an upward search of the world hierarchy.

The OnCleared output will fire an impulse if a DynamicVariableSpace with a matching dynamic variable is found.

The OnNotFound output will fire an impulse if an impulse is received at Delete but the node is unable to find a DynamicVariableSpace with matching dynamic variable.

When spawning this node from the node browser, it is possible to select one of a number of types for the node - only components of matching types will be deleted by this node when an impulse is received.


Node Menu

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