Delay Value (LogiX node)

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Delay Value
'Delay Value' LogiX node
  Float Value
  Float DelayTime
  Float *

The Delay Value node outputs the value that the Value input held at a time DelayTime seconds before hand.


If the DelayTime input is increased while a valid Value is provided, the output value will freeze at the most recent output value until sufficient delay has accumulated. The output will be frozen for a number of seconds equal to the new DelayTime - previous DelayTime. e.g. if DelayTime is 1 and then it is instantly increased to 10 the output value will be frozen for 9 seconds. If, instead, the DelayTime value is decreased, the delayed value updates to the correct value immediately.

When spawned from the Node Browser this node has a 'dummy' datatype, however it will overload to the correct type if a valid value or reference type input is connected.


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