Create Dynamic Variable`1 (LogiX node)

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Create Dynamic Variable`1
  Impulse WriteOrCreate
  Slot Target
  String VariableName
  T InitialValue
  Bool CreateDirectlyOnTarget
  Bool CreateNonPersistent
  Impulse OnCreated
  Impulse OnAlreadyExists
  Impulse OnNotFound


The Create Dynamic Variable`1 node attempts to create a Dynamic Variable of the specified Type on the slot of the nearest DynamicVariableSpace to the Target Slot.

As usual, precautions related to the duplication and reparenting of dynamic variables apply, as described on the Dynamic Variables page.


Depending on the type of InitialValue, this component will attach a DynamicValueVariable`1 or DynamicReferenceVariable`1 component to the slot containing the nearest DynamicVariableSpace.

InitialValue is shown as being a T value for demonstration purposes, however it will be composed of the type selected in the LogiX browser, or specified in the Component Attacher.

When using the Component Attacher, you may specify any valid FrooxEngine or BaseX type by following the instructions on the Creating a custom LogiX Node page.

CreateDirectlyOnTarget overrides the default functionality of this node, and creates the Dynamic Variable directly on the Target slot, instead of the slot of the nearest DynamicVariableSpace.

CreateNonPersistent causes the resultant Dynamic Variable to be created as a non-persistent component, which will not be saved when the object or world is reloaded.


Node Menu

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