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This page contains changes which are not marked for translation.
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Neos Wiki is a community project. Thank you for all your help and contributions! We are a tiny team and maintaining it wouldn't be possible without you.

Editing Help

The Neos Wiki uses Media Wiki as its wiki engine and MediaWiki has extensive documentation on how to edit Wiki pages checkout: for more info.

Everyone with a Neos Account is able to contribute to existing pages, translate and create new ones.


To prepare a page for translation, please edit it to add tag


to the first line of the page to display language selector box and wrap the rest of the page in


tags to mark translatable content.

Follow the "Mark this page for translation" link that will now appear in page header. You can review translation units and hit "Mark this version for translation" button at the bottom to get translation process going.

Page header will now feature translation links for all logged in Wiki users.

Links to other pages can be translated using [[Main Page|Translation]] denotation in order to keep them pointing at the original page.

Known bug

We are working to lengthen the somewhat short login timeout. Please save your contributions and translations before sending forms as your session might have timed out while filling the form.