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This page is about an older feature which has been replaced. Refer to Dash for the current implementation of these UI elements.

Session Dialog


  • World Name - descriptive world name
  • Mobile Friendly - makes sure less demanding shaders are used.
  • Get Session Orb - creates a session orb you can use to invite other users to join your session.
  • Get World Orb - creates a world orb that users can store or put into their inventory.


to be implemented...


Lists all the users in the current session.

  • Username - unique user name or a randomly generated unique user id for users that are not loged in
  • Audio Volume - user microphone recording level
  • Mute - mutes the user by setting the users microphone recording level to zero.
  • Jump - jump into close proximity of the selected user.
  • Kick - kicks a user out of the session. However the same user can reenter the session.
  • Ban - Bans a user permanently form the session.


to be implemented....